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The following software is distributed as freeware. Even though the registration is not enforced, we would welcome if you could send us a note about who will be using the software. This will help us in future developement

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Solarius Particles version 1.0 Download count: 559

This program is for measurement of sizes of particles and nanoparticles. It can be useful especially in cases where you need to determine size distribution of particles from an image where the particles touch or even overlap each other. It can be useful in any other circumstances (like not completely homogenious substrate or slightly blurred edges of particles) when images cannot be characterized using usual software (e.g. ImageJ) for finding binary threshold between particles and substrate.

So far it can open images in formats Jpg and Bmp. Tiff will be hopefully supported in some future version.


         Computer with MS Windows (The program was tested on Win XP and Win 7)


         Mouse with mouse wheel

                  There is no installation, just unpack the zip file and use

Solarius Wettability version 1.1 Download count: 514

This program was designed for measurement of contact angle of liquids with solid surfaces. The measurement of contact angle is a powerful technique which can be conducted efficiently even with quite primitive equipment. The basic equipment is shown on the picture. The program enables opening of the images of droplets captured externally or direct capture of images via webcam. If you do not have special webcam with suitable objective lens with sufficient zoom for capturing small droplets, most webcam lens can be removed and replaced with for example old photographic 50 mm objective lens. Backlight is also recommended for increasing contrast of the image.

The contact angle can be measured from the image either by drawing tangents or by drawing an ellipse around the droplet.


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